Company Philosophy

Everything about our philosophy goes here

We envision our thoughts and ideas and work to make it a reality. What are you waiting for, come on, join hands with the leading company to make your dreams come true.

Every day is a new day, a new thought is born in mind, a new idea comes into picture, a new aspiration blossoms. To catch that first day and make it ours is a big achievement and we take pride in doing it.

How do we start thinking? We start with having a basic idea. That idea grows in to a thought process and goes to big thinking. Only when we have big thinking then we can dream of a great achievement.



Move to New Office

In August 2014, we move to our new office located in the heart of Hitech City, Hyderabad


Company is registered

In August 2012, company Sohman Trading and Services Private Limited is registered in India


Idea is Conceived

In September 2009, an idea is conceived, we start working to nurture that idea and make it big